National Energy Resources Sector Competitiveness Plan Consultation Workshops

19 September 2016

NERA Consultation Workshops

NERA, the new Industry Growth Centre for Australia’s Energy Resources Sector, is engaging stakeholders in an important conversation on the sector’s future and draft Sector Competitiveness Plan (SCP).

Sector Competitiveness Plan

The draft SCP sets out a strategic roadmap over a 10-year horizon, including key themes, knowledge priorities, goals and initiatives. These will be addressed through industry-led projects and other collaborative activities undertaken by NERA. The SCP will be updated annually, as goals are achieved and priorities change for the sector, and as the sector adapts to change and disruption both locally and globally.

During October and November, NERA will be conducting national consultation workshops to provide coal, oil and gas and uranium stakeholders with a face-to-face opportunity to engage, contribute and assist NERA fine-tune the draft SCP.

The workshops will be driven by participant input and therefore will need to be limited in number of participants in each session. You will be asked to contribute your views on the future of the energy resources sector in a small group setting, and to collaborate with the other participants on the key questions put to the group on the day. Those attending will be thought leaders in key organisational roles and willing to bring ideas to improve the energy resources industries through the SCP.

Come and exchange your insights on how the sector can collaborate to drive greater efficiency and performance, and innovate to create and deepen value chain opportunity and export capability.

To Register Interest for a Workshop

Registration of interest is open now open for half-day workshops in Adelaide and Brisbane in October and November 2016. Darwin and Perth will follow.

Please register early to assist us in accommodating preferences and to avoid disappointment.

Register Interest in one of the morning or afternoon sessions in your city.

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