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Moving Towards a Subsea IMR Innovation Cluster

Australia’s opportunity to be a global powerhouse in energy resources is reliant on inter-connected industry players collaborating to innovate, drive economic development and solve shared, global problems.

This is why NERA is working with Subsea Energy Australia (SEA) to form Australia's first innovation cluster in the oil and gas industry.

Comprising members of Australia’s highly experienced subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) industry, the cluster will focus unique capabilities and competence within the sector and work collaboratively to address specific current and future challenges.

NERA Chief Executive Miranda Taylor said clusters are an excellent model for effective collaboration and innovation, as well as deeper engagement within Australia’s energy resources sector.

“While this model has proved very effective elsewhere in the world, we are yet to see similar success within Australia’s local oil and gas industry,” Ms Taylor said.

“What NERA and SEA are trying to do is establish a successful Australian cluster model and add value to the entire subsea IMR industry.

“This can then be replicated across other value chains within our industry, and help to unlock more than AUD$9 billion in value.”

A Cluster Collaboration Workshop in September opened a discussion on the sector’s challenges and established its focus. Now, the group will seek funding from the NERA Project Fund to form a specialisation cluster and facilitate collaboration to address the identified problems.