KC8 Capture Technologies | LETs Pitch WA 22

05 October 2022

KC8 Capture Technologies is a process engineering firm that has developed the technology and owns the patents to an Australian developed solvent process for the capture of CO2 from post combustion flue gases in heavy industries at greater efficiencies and lower cost than current technologies.

KC8 participated in NERA's LETs Pitch WA 2022 program and were one of three SMEs who successfully pitched their technology to a panel of expert judges and secured their spots in "Team WA" for the Offshore Northern Sea (ONS) 2022 Exhibition and Conference in Stavanger, Norway.

KC8’s core business is to develop capture projects and sell the license to use the technology lowering the cost of capture, in turn enhancing and accelerating CCU as a leading greenhouse gas mitigation tool.

Find out more about KC8 by watching KC8 Director Greg Ross's pitch below.

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