CODA Foundation Phase Projects

CODA has announced the successful applicants for a series of foundation projects designed to rapidly accelerate cross-industry understanding of our decommissioning challenge. The three projects, due for delivery in early 2022, will establish a foundation understanding of opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and efficiency in decommissioning that support CODA's objectives.

Together, the projects will build knowledge and understanding of the local decommissioning and recycling capability, provide Australian industry with an easily accessible digest of international best practice that can be used locally and set out a pathway for innovation and new technologies for the industry.

Understanding the opportunity for local disposal and recycling pathways

This study will assess Australia's existing capacities and capabilities for disposal and recycling of materials from decommissioning, including the likely disposal pathways that these materials will follow. Gaps to achieve 100 per cent local disposal and recycling in Australia will be identified and cross-industry and regional benefits of achieving this quantified.

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Global Review of Decommissioning Planning and Execution Learnings

This project will identify key learnings arising in comparable jurisdictions, which could be applied in the Australian context to inform improved design of planning and execution.

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Development of a decommissioning innovation and technology roadmap

This project will articulate key areas within the decommissioning work breakdown structure that would benefit from the application of innovative approaches and technologies.

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