Correction Policy

We make sure what we post at NERA is real, dependable and useful for our readership. Nevertheless, there’s always a chance for errors even with the best of intentions. Sometimes we may make mistakes and our policy on corrections has been put in place to fix them promptly and openly whenever they occur.

Identifying Mistakes 

Whenever any of our published materials contains an error or is found to be inaccurate, we act immediately. This may be pointed out by someone from the editorial team or any reader. We begin to look into it at once.

Verification of Correction

Before changing anything on what has already been published, we ensure that the reported mistake is factually accurate through verifying its truthfulness.

Prompt Correction:

As soon as we find out about a mistake, we will correct the article immediately. The corrections will be made right in the article, showing clearly the mistake and the correct information.


We embrace openness and responsibility throughout our rectification process. We accompany the corrected information with a simple description of the error and the cause for the change. This is aimed at ensuring that our audience is fully aware of what went wrong and what we did to fix it.

Notification to Readers:

In addition to revising the article with the accurate details, we tell our readers about the amendment. For this a visible editor’s note at the beginning or end of the article may be used to let them know that there was an error and what the right information should be.

Archive of Corrections:

We maintain an archive of corrections. This is used to log and record mistakes found in our published articles. The main aim of having this document is to show how committed we are to being transparent and accurate when reporting.

Reader Feedback:**

We invite our audience to let us know when they find errors or inaccuracies while reading through what we’ve written about anything. You can get in touch with us if you notice something wrong, and we’ll look into it right away.

Continuous Improvement:

We are always trying our best on this website! We’re constantly updating things here so that mistakes occur less often while keeping up accuracy at all times—but don’t just take my word for it. By following comments made by readers as well monitoring ourselves regularly more areas will be spotted which need attention then worked upon till perfect.

Contact Us

  If you think any of our published articles contain a mistake or is inaccurate, please let us know at We rely on your feedback and appreciate your help in keeping the accuracy and integrity of our content alive.

Updates to Correction Policy

This policy is subject to occasional revision for the purpose of effectiveness and relevance in view of consistent review. Any changes or amendments made on this policy will be communicated clearly to our readership as part of our commitment towards being transparent and accountable.

We appreciate your trust in allowing us to serve you as a reader. It is our promise to provide true and reliable information at all times hence we seek for your cooperation while aiming at meeting the highest level of journalism.