$1000 Cost of living payment 2024 – Know Eligibility, Types and Applications

$1000 cost of living payment 2024 will be credited to all eligible beneficiaries. There is no need to apply for cost of living relief.

This page will explore the cost of living initiatives introduced, the target beneficiaries, and the expected impact of these relief payments.

Federal Budget 2024 Initiatives

  • $300 energy rebate for all households
  • 10% increase in Commonwealth Rent Assistance
  • Tax cuts for all taxpayers affecting all 13.6 million tax payers
  • $3 billion to reduce student debt

Cost of Living Relief Initiatives

  • Expansion of childcare subsidies
  • Increased paid parental leave
  • Affordable housing initiatives
  • Support for students and unemployed individuals

Health and Medicare Support

  • Reduced costs for PBS medicines
  • 60-day prescription policy
  • Opening of Medicare Urgent Care Clinics
  • Largest-ever investment in bulk billing

Energy Bill Relief

Financial assistance to mitigate rising energy costs.

  • $300 energy rebate for households
  • $325 rebate for eligible small businesses
  • Average decrease of 17% in household bills

The government has introduced a $300 energy rebate to help households manage increasing energy costs. This rebate is available to all households, providing significant financial support during times of high energy prices. Additionally, eligible small businesses can receive a $325 rebate. The average household bill is expected to decrease by 17% as a result of these measures.

Rent Assistance

Enhancing support for renters facing housing pressures.

  • 10% increase in Commonwealth Rent Assistance
  • Additional support for single parents and vulnerable groups
  • Impact on rent CPI

To address the rising rent costs, the government has increased the Commonwealth Rent Assistance by 10%. This increase provides additional support to renters, particularly single parents and vulnerable groups, helping to alleviate the financial burden of rent increases. This measure aims to reduce the pressure on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for rents.

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Tax Cuts

Overview: Reducing tax burdens to provide immediate financial relief.

  • Tax cuts for all 13.6 million taxpayers
  • Larger cuts for low-income individuals and women
  • Average tax cut of $1,888 per taxpayer

The government has implemented tax cuts that benefit all 13.6 million taxpayers. These cuts are designed to provide immediate financial relief, with larger benefits directed towards low-income individuals and women. On average, each taxpayer will receive a tax cut of $1,888, contributing to overall financial support.

Student Debt Reduction

Measures to alleviate financial burdens on students.

  • $3 billion to reduce student debt
  • Changes in HECS indexation
  • Financial support for students in practical placements

In an effort to reduce the financial burden on students, the government has allocated $3 billion to reduce student debt. Changes in HECS indexation are also included to further support students. Additionally, financial assistance for students undertaking practical placements is provided to help manage their living expenses.

Childcare Subsidies

Increasing affordability and accessibility of childcare.

  • Maximum childcare subsidy increased to 90%
  • Expanded access to single parent payment
  • Incremental increase in paid parental leave

The maximum childcare subsidy has been increased to 90%, making childcare more affordable for families. Access to single parent payment has also been expanded, along with an incremental increase in paid parental leave. These measures aim to reduce the financial burden on families and encourage workforce participation.

Medicare Enhancements

Improving access and reducing costs for healthcare.

  • 50 new Medicare Urgent Care Clinics
  • Cheaper PBS medicines
  • Largest investment in bulk billing

The government has announced the opening of 50 new Medicare Urgent Care Clinics to improve access to healthcare services. Additionally, the cost of PBS medicines has been reduced, and the largest-ever investment in bulk billing has been made. These measures aim to make healthcare more affordable and accessible.

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Housing Initiatives

Addressing housing affordability and supply issues.

  • $1 billion for housing infrastructure
  • National Agreement on Social Housing and Homelessness
  • Training programs for construction skills

To address housing affordability and supply issues, the government has committed $1 billion for housing infrastructure. The National Agreement on Social Housing and Homelessness aims to provide crisis support and social housing. Additionally, training programs for construction skills are being introduced to increase the workforce in the housing sector.

Jobseeker and Income Support

Supporting unemployed and low-income individuals.

  • Extended higher rate of JobSeeker Payment
  • Income support payment increases
  • Freeze on social security deeming rates

The government has extended the higher rate of JobSeeker Payment to individuals with partial capacity to work. Income support payments have also been increased, and a freeze on social security deeming rates has been implemented to provide continued relief for income recipients.

Small Business Support

Providing relief and incentives for small businesses.

  • $3 billion in electricity relief
  • Small Business Energy Incentive
  • Instant asset write-off threshold increase

Small businesses will benefit from $3 billion in electricity relief and the introduction of a Small Business Energy Incentive. The instant asset write-off threshold has also been increased, providing further financial support to small businesses.

Frequently asked questions about cost of living payments 2024 (FAQs)

What is the cost of living payment for 2024?

The cost of living payment includes energy rebates, increased rent assistance, tax cuts, and support for students and low-income individuals.

How has the government addressed housing affordability?

The government has committed $1 billion for housing infrastructure, increased Commonwealth Rent Assistance, and introduced training programs for construction skills.


  • Government initiatives aim to mitigate rising living costs
  • Financial relief includes energy rebates, rent assistance, and tax cuts which would benefit all tax payers.
  • Support extends to students, low-income individuals, and small businesses
  • Healthcare enhancements and housing affordability are one of significant focuses

By addressing major aspects such as energy costs, rent assistance, and tax relief, the Australian government aims to provide substantial financial support to households and businesses. These measures are expected to have a significant impact on reducing cost of living expenses and improving the overall quality of life for many Australians.

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