Fact-Checking Policy

At Nera, we maintain the highest levels of precision and dependability in our published content. Our fact-checking policy underpins our dedication towards giving our audience reliable and enlightening material. We know how crucial it is to make sure that what we share has been extensively researched, authenticated, and supported by credible sources.

Rigorous Research:

Our site follows a strict procedure for conducting research before any content gets published on it. To gather reliable information, our group of authors and editors goes through wide studies from different sources. It is important for us that what we say is right so we always make certain there’s enough evidence in support of any claims made in the articles.

Verification Process:

Any information that is part of what we create is checked and rechecked and rechecked again. Between different sources we look for it to be sure that our content is as complete accurate and reliable. This means verifying facts statistics quotations and any other data included in the content.

Credible Sources:

To get knowledge for the things we write, we depend on sources that are believable and official. Such materials may include academic institutions’ publications government gazettes peer-reviewed periodicals expert views among others. It is our intention to ensure that what we offer our audience is correct and can be trusted by us getting it from trustworthy sources thus we aim at doing this.


Our process of fact-checking is based on transparency. The sources of information in our content are clearly stated. We give citations and references wherever possible so as to allow the readers verify the information independently. Moreover, we disclose any conflicts of interest or bias that may affect the accuracy of the content.

Expert Review

If we need specialized knowledge or expertise we ask subject matter experts for advice. They check that it is correct and complete and give valuable insights and new points of view.

Corrections and Updates:

Despite our best efforts, errors in our content may occur occasionally or be inaccurate. We commit ourselves to correct and update the information quickly in such situations. To show our readers any amendments made in the text, we make clear replacements and updates which ensures openness and responsibility.

Continuous Improvement:*

Dedication to improving our fact-finding methods is a part of us, and it can never cease. What we aim at is this; to keep our work accurate and true at all times hence we regularly review them. Our activities are aimed at refining our fact checking procedures so as to get the best quality results by receiving feedback from different people and looking at different ways people do it elsewhere.

Contact Us:

In case of any question, comment or concern about the policy of verifying the truth in our published materials or their truthfulness feel free to reach out to us via the info@nera.org.au With your input we are able to improve and therefore we would like to handle any questions or challenges you may be having.

Updates to Fact-Checking Policy

This policy for fact-checking may change in future to guarantee that it remains useful and meaningful. We will communicate any changes made on this policy with our readers so as to indicate our continued dedication in providing only correct, dependable and trustworthy content.

We are grateful to you for choosing us as your audience. The ideal content we want you to read should be useful and dependable.