Federal budget 2024 – $3 billion debt relief, Tax reforms, Bonuses and new crisis payments

Chalmers gave a hint in the lead up to the Federal budget that the government is planning a real revolution in the economic sphere. The roadmap for this transformation will include a mix of the new crisis payments, bonuses, and most importantly, measures to ease debt concerns.

So these ne­w ideas aim to make life e­asier. People wait with e­xcitement. They hope­ the changes will bring relie­f from money problems.

HECS loan payments – $3 billion debt relief

The government has assembled a new plan to eliminate the student loan obligation by dissolving $3 billion of the overall debt load for students.

These changes incorporate a modified way of HECS debt indexation where the rate of indexing will no longer be annually adjusted on the basis of the consumer price index (CPI).

Rather, they propose adopting the mode of indexing that will consider either CPI or the Wage Price Index (WPI), but always the lower one.

If it happens, the legislation will be retrospective and will neutralize the substantial inflation rate experienced by students last year by 7.1 percent. The government sees that when using this method, debt should not grow faster than wages, hence bringing a reduction in the typical HELP debt of $26,500 – by approximately $1,200 this year.

Housing crisis

Earlier, residents and property owners faced tremendous strain as a result of soaring rent fees and interest rates. Shockingly high housing prices driven by insufficient supply and numerous construction issues engendered the Australian government to spend $11.3 billion on the sector.

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Specifically, it is earmarked for $9.3 billion to be spent on social housing and homelessness-related matters, with $1 billion dedicated to crisis accommodation. The money will also go towards $1 billion for the infrastructure that supports additional new properties to be constructed. Also, in the budget, they forecasted a decrease in inflation, which can lead to potentially lower interest rates.


The government updates the previously introduced Paid Parental Leave with extra superannuation payments that will exceed 12% added up. The plan is expected to come into force from July the next year, but this would depend on the success of the re-election campaign.

Even though the policy was announced earlier this year the implementation of the policy is scheduled for July 1 next year. Chalmers shares his opinion that this initiative aims to motivate women to save more in their pension fund. Undisclosed until now, the policy is expected to be unveiled in the Budget.


Stewart Perrie, a Senior Journalist, is eagerly awaiting the announcement of the 2024 Federal Budget and implies that the forthcoming tax and housing initiatives are going to be introduced by Treasurer Jim Chalmers. The budget pledges relief plans that also cover tax adjustments, health care, and energy bills. In addition to those, the focus is on HECS debt reform and fundings for research on endometriosis in the hope of resolving society issues by addressing them comprehensively.


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