Ocean energy, engineering and technology

Australia can become a leader in the emerging global ocean energy market, which could be worth up to A$138 billion and create 300,000 direct jobs worldwide by 2050.

With some of the world's most powerful wave and tidal resources, Australia can leverage this enormous potential to deliver energy independence, decarbonisation, and significant job creation through world-leading technology development and production.

Ocean energy is predictable and complements other renewables – such as wind and solar – and balances electricity systems. It could significantly reduce emissions for offshore industries such as oil and gas and marine aquaculture and could displace diesel power generation for small islands and remote coastal locations.

The parallels between the traditional offshore energy industry and the emerging offshore renewables industry are plenty. NERA plays a vital role in connecting both sectors to ensure the transfer of industry knowledge and expertise, enabling increased efficiencies, shortening development times, and accelerating adoption of new technologies.

The global ocean energy market is on the brink of industrialisation. NERA is driving Australia's ocean energy industry's growth through collaborative partnerships, technology clusters, lighthouse projects, and innovation funding.

Australian Ocean Energy Group

NERA has taken a lead role in supporting the Australian Ocean Energy Group (AOEG). AOEG is an industry-led technology cluster that catalyses collaboration, technology development and manufacturing across Australia's ocean energy industry.

AOEG's founding partners include leading energy organisations, Australian research institutions, plus innovators and SMEs drawn from across Australia and the world.

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Ocean Energy Market Development

NERA is working with AOEG to develop a business case to establish an Ocean Energy Market Development Showcase in the Great Southern Region of WA.

The Showcase will provide a platform to raise awareness of ocean energy and applications, demonstrate how ocean energy systems work and support commercialisation and integration of Australian-made technology.


Blue Economy CRC

The Blue Economy CRC brings together expertise in the seafood, marine renewable energy and offshore engineering sectors to deliver innovative solutions that will transform the way we use our oceans. NERA works closely with the CRC and member organisation AOEG.

NERA contributes to the CRC's Offshore Renewable Energy Systems advisory group and facilitates critical dialogue on how traditional offshore industries can support the clean energy transition.

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