Supporting Australia’s renewable energy future

NERA partners with government, research, science and industry to leverage Australia’s landscape and natural abundance of solar, wind and ocean energy, support low emissions and digital technologies and grow innovative SMEs and supply chains that enable Australia’s renewable energy future.



LETs Pitch supply chain development program

Building the capability of Australia's most promising Low Emissions Technology (LET) businesses, helping them to hone their commercial offering and connect with potential investors and customers both domestically and overseas.

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Hydrogen Technology Cluster Australia (H2TCA)

Accelerating Australia's hydrogen supply-chain development and enabling vital connection, collaboration, and alignment of action.

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Integrated Ocean Energy Marketplace

Helping to stimulate market demand for offshore renewable energy in Australia by supporting the Australian Ocean Energy Group (AOEG) to establish the world's first Integrated Ocean Energy Marketplace.

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A single source of information on key hydrogen-related organisations, policies and projects in Australia with supporting information on New Zealand.

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Showcasing innovative technology

Online energy technology catalogue connecting technology suppliers with global end-users to rapidly deploy technologies.

Explore Australian technologies today.

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Solving remote power challenges with clean technology

Integrating solar, battery storage and gas generation technologies to create a reliable, low-carbon and economical alternative power supply for CSG wellsites.

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Solar LNG Study

Examining the potential for integrating solar power into existing land-based Australian LNG plants to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

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Australian Ocean Energy Group

An integrated Ocean Energy Cluster that works to strengthen collaboration, accelerate innovation and increase the current markets for Australia's ocean energy sector.

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