LETs Pitch Australia 2023 Program Participants

Eight Australian companies were selected as finalists of NERA's LETs Pitch Australia 2023 program. The eight finalists received tailored pitch mentoring and business coaching to build their pitching capability and prepare them for a live pitch event in March 2023.

The pitch event was held on stage at the Industry Supply Forum on the opening day of AOG Energy 2023, in front of a panel of industry judges and an audience from major operators, government and industry.

Meet the LETs Pitch Australia 2023 Winners

Through partnership with Austrade, the winning companies will join Austrade’s Clean Energy Mission in Singapore. Taking place in mid-2023, the Mission will promote Australia's expertise and capacity in new technologies to support Singapore and Australia's transition to net-zero emissions. It will provide an excellent platform for Australian SMEs to capture opportunities in the energy sector in Singapore and for participants to gain a first-hand understanding of the significant upcoming developments and opportunities.

Focus: Clean hydrogen
Solution: Large Scale Hydrogen Storage in Vertical Shafts

Ardent Underground provides safe, large-scale cost-effective compressed hydrogen storage using existing shaft construction technology and capability. Building on decades of shaft construction experience, Ardent creates a liner impermeable to hydrogen and transfers the large pressure forces to the surrounding rock structure.

At a fraction of the cost of aboveground storage solutions, a small footprint, and considerably lower risk, Ardent delivers the missing link to a green hydrogen future.

Focus: Energy storage
Solution: Gravitational energy storage centre

Green Gravity’s energy storage technology moves multiple heavy weights vertically in a legacy mine shaft to capture and release the potential gravitational energy of the weights. By using proven mechanical parts, Green Gravity’s storage technology can be half the cost of battery alternatives and has twice the asset life.

Storing energy in this way uses no processed chemicals, has no performance degradation and can deliver tens of megawatt-hours of storage in single sites.

Focus: Renewable Energy Power Generation
Solution: Wave energy converter

ROC Technologies is the first wave energy device from a team specialising in the delivery of offshore structures. The result is a multi-MW, scalable, deep water device which builds on the lessons learned from previous generations of wave energy converter, with a projected LCOE of < $200/MWh.

Focus: Clean hydrogen
Solution: Hydrogen storage

Rux Energy is an advanced hydrogen materials company, aiming to double the volumetric efficiency and halve the cost of dispatchable hydrogen storage for heavy mobility, aviation and marine. Rux Energy has partnered with leading Australian universities and trailblazing Australian composites, mobility and aerospace integrators to accelerate the piloting of our breakthrough MOF technologies, validating performance and fast-tracking implementation, to meet our planet's decarbonisation needs.

Meet the LETs Pitch Australia 2023 Finalists

Focus: Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS); Hydrogen
Solution: Modular, low cost and easily scalable hybrid capture solution

CO2CRC is Australia’s leading CCUS research organisation with over 20 years of experience in safely capturing, storing and monitoring CO2. CO2CRC is the only company in Australia to have demonstrated CCUS end-to-end. CO2CRC's HyCaps process is a modular and scalable hybrid process to capture CO2 efficiently. HyCaps combines solvent absorption and membrane separation in a single process, which exploits the advantages of both technologies to achieve efficient and low-cost carbon capture.

Focus: Energy efficiency & industrial process optimisation
Solution: Real-time carbon accounting platform

CCR combines a unique expertise in Industry 4.0 technologies and sustainability to demystify decarbonisation. CCR’s Carbon Intelligence Platform is a real-time carbon emissions monitoring, management, and reduction platform, which helps organisations demonstrate their commitment to a better future, while substantially improving efficiency along the way.

By utilising the latest in IoT, big data analytics, edge-computing, AI, and machine learning, organisations can take the data-driven approach to achieve their net-zero goals.


Focus: CCUS; Hydrogen
Solution: Conversion of Biowastes and CO2 to 100% renewable and recyclable materials

CO2Tech is the commercial arm of CO2CRC that provides technical solutions for a low emissions future. Utilising in-house expertise and CCUS talent from organisations around the world, CO2Tech enables industry to address and find solutions for their greenhouse gas emissions. CO2Tech’s Lignik technology uses biowastes and CO2 to produce 100% renewable and recyclable materials. It has the potential to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and can support emissions reduction in the hard to abate and construction sectors.

Focus: Low-emissions electricity; Carbon capture and storage
Solution: CO2 filter to decarbonise diesel generators

Kapture is an Australian company that will provide CO2 emitters a simple and cost-effective solution to decarbonise their diesel generators. The filter can be retrofitted to a diesel generator, and the by-product can be discarded directly in soil as a low-cost fertiliser.

Kapture's technology will give oil & gas companies a real and affordable solution to capture CO2 and immediately reduce their emissions.