About Us

NERA is an industry broker and the source of insight into challenges, solutions, skills and regulation that will ensure Australia maximizes its huge energy resources advantage and becomes a global energy powerhouse.

Since our inception in 2016, NERA has worked to maximize the value to the Australian economy by developing an energy resources sector that is globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse.

It should be noted that we do not represent any government entity or any other government affiliated organization. We are just an information news website keeping people updated with latest news in economic sphere. Any information available over here is collected through internet and visitors are advised to fact-check before accepting any piece of content.
We do not represent NERA neither any other of its non profit entity. We have acquired this domain under Non profit Cohesion Matters that works against Caste based discriminations. Our goal is to use this as a blog to promote UNITY among world citizens. Please note NERA is no longer active.

NERA is engaged across the value chain to achieve significant industry efficiencies; identify and support digital, automation and other innovative technologies; develop future workforce skills; and ensure that there are regulatory frameworks that support future investment, innovation, productivity and global trade.

Over the next decade, major sector challenges will transform the product and technology mix of successful energy and resource companies globally, particularly the need to invest in digital/data technologies, address climate change, reduce emissions and, increasingly, find competitive alternatives and renewable energy solutions. NERA is playing a key role in creating the collaboration and innovation connections essential to ensure Australia successfully navigates this transformation.