Energy innovation helping to power COVID recovery and response

30 June 2020

From energy resources to aged care, Australian technology company MyPass Global has received funding and support through NERA’s COVID-19 Innovation Fund Round to expand the functionality of its award-winning digital work passport platform, enabling Australian companies to keep critical workers and high-risk Australians safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new feature set has had strong and immediate support from industry. Today, 76 businesses, including industry leaders like Santos, have been able to utilise MyPass’ free solution to track the health status of key workers within a central, cloud-based system.

The solution has been made possible by utilising the existing MyPass infrastructure that has facilitated collaboration across the energy resources sector for the past five years. MyPass developed the new COVID-focussed changes by pivoting their technology at speed, adapting their platform to include critical COVID-19 eLearning training, self-declarations, test results and immunisation records as part of their offering to protect critical workers and provide real-time visibility for companies.

The free digital workforce solution helps to ease the administrative burden for businesses who are rapidly adapting their processes to support the safety of staff and customers, allowing business owners to maintain business continuity while also allowing workers to proactively declare their health situation. Stored digitally, the information is easily accessed when individuals are required to share proof of their ability to work.

MyPass CEO Matt Smith says the alterations of the MyPass system allow for online self-declaration for COVID-19 risks, more efficient movement of essential workers across facilities, increased security and better tacking of critical workers.

"By simplifying, standardising and sharing the COVID-19 status of workers, we believe that MyPass can play a meaningful role to ensure business and employment continuity,” says Mr Smith.

NERA’s support for MyPass is part of our COVID-19 Innovation Fund Round, which provided support to ten Australian companies who received a share in $227,500 worth of NERA funding as part of our national campaign to assist energy innovators pivot at speed and adapt businesses and technologies usually designed for the energy resources sector into innovative ways that can help households and businesses recover from the pandemic and limit future outbreaks.

Demonstrating the cross-sectorial benefits of their technology, MyPass connected with the high-risk Health and Aged Care sector and, through collaboration with the Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) and Leading Aged Services Australia, are helping aged care facilities to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

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