AERCF- Australian Energy Research Capability Finder

Welcome to the Australian Energy Research Capability Finder (AERCF)
The AERCF is a comprehensive, free online search engine built to strengthen the connection between Australia’s research community and the energy resources sector. It is the most comprehensive mapping of Australia’s energy research capability and digital technologies to date and makes it easy to identify current research projects and initiatives that are solving real-world challenges for industry.

From exploration, automation, hydrogen, decommissioning and more, use the AERCF to search and connect with more than 800 unique points of capability across Australia’s major universities and public and private technical institutions to find the right research partners, with a specific focus on oil and gas technology projects and new innovations that can be part of Australia’s transition towards a low-carbon future.

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What is the AERCF?

AERCF is an online directory of Australian energy research capability that enables users to access information about energy research activities across the country. It assists researchers to showcase their capability and identify potential collaborators, reducing risk of repeated works in the future and supporting Australia’s energy resources sector to stay ahead in the complex global energy landscape.

NERA created AERCF to facilitate better connections between researchers and industry, solve contemporary operational challenges and assist the energy resources sector adopt and adapt new technologies that can improve global competitiveness, productivity and support a low-carbon future.

How do I use the AERCF?

To find the research capability you are looking for, simply search via individual research organisation, filter by industry sector or technology type, or click the interactive map visualisation elements to refine your search.

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Once you have identified a research initiative of interest, simply click the link icon in the ‘Further Information’ column to access key capability or project summaries and contact details.

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