Invitation to join the Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem (OIIE)™ Australian Working Group teleconference

20 February 2020

MIMOSA and NERA invite you to join a teleconference to introduce the newly formed Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem (OIIE) Australian Working Group. The OIIE provides Australian energy sector participants with a consistent framework for digital transformation and interoperability, where the required technical specifications are provided by supplier-neutral industry standards and corresponding, formal international standards.

This will enable participants of all types (suppliers, end-users and academia) to share a common digital ecosystem in a mutually beneficial manner, stimulating innovation without being captive to proprietary approaches developed by large, globally dominant suppliers.

The OIIE specification is developed and managed by MIMOSA in cooperation with multiple other industry standards associations and it is also the basis for ISO TS 18101, providing interoperability specifications for both the energy sector and other asset intensive industries.

Participants in the Working Group will have the opportunity to help shape the OIIE and ISO 18101, ensuring that it addresses Australian industry priorities, which will be included as requirements for OIIE Use Cases. These OIIE Use Cases will then be validated in upcoming phases of the OIIE OGI Pilot, where Australian energy sector participants will be able to demonstrate their ability to add innovation and value to both Australian and Global industry.

The call will provide an overview of the initiative and provide interested participants with the opportunity to become involved in Working Group activities that contribute to the OIIE specifications.

If you are interested in participating in this teleconference or joining the Working Group, please email and we will ensure you are the first to know the teleconference details.