Request for Proposals

Centre of Decomissioning Australia (CODA)

This Request for Proposals (RFP) seeks projects that will establish a foundation understanding of opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and efficiency in decommissioning that support the Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) objectives.

These include:

  1. Understanding the opportunity for local disposal and recycling pathways.
  2. A global review of decommissioning planning and execution of learnings.
  3. Development of a decommissioning innovation and technology roadmap.

Timeframe: CODA expects each study to take a maximum of six months to complete. Proponents can conduct studies in parallel with each other. Organisations can provide an RFP for one or more of the studies.

Submissions for proposals are now closed.

Proponents should seek to respond to this RFP by completing the online RFP form and attaching any relevant supporting documentation. Proponents should make any queries about this RFP process to