$2m Future Technology Project Fund

NERA has announced a $2 million future technology project fund to support projects and Australian companies in building their capacity and capability in fields of robotics and artificial intelligence, which are critical to improving the productivity and safety of the energy resources sector, as well as developing transferable skills and technologies that can be of benefit to many other sectors of the Australian economy.

The fund also aims to support projects that can provide solutions focussed on improving the sector’s ability to increase the productivity and reliability of the unconventional gas sector, making more gas available to the east coast network while also supporting the CSG to LNG industry.

While we accept all projects that have a clear benefit for the energy resources sector, in this round of funding we are targeting the following four focus areas:

Remote operations, robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Unconventional gas technologies



What you need to know before submitting

We encourage you to read the EOI Guidelines and FAQs before submitting the EOI form below. The form has mandatory fields and word limits, so please ensure you are able to describe your application in a clear, succinct way. You will be allowed to upload up to three attachments at the end of the application.

If you have any technical issues, please email eoi@nera.org.au.

EOI form

A submission to NERA's $2M Future Technology Fund must be completed by midnight 30 September 2019 (AWST).

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